Title 78q: In which the author, writes something-or-other, and makes little sense- but kindasorta more sense than not.

Dear -ed,

Doesn’t it seem indulgent to bliss out on zen or what-ever in times like these? What’s the point of our happiness when others suffer so?

Dear Unsigned,

Indeed. We here at Amateur Zen Magazine also ask these questions, and others like: What really does it take to change the world if even the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad couldn’t convince All the people to love one another in their own times? Are we getting better if the same things happen over and over? Am I getting better? Can I get better? Can we? …

Speaking for myself only, zen isn’t bliss and life is suffering. Zen is just acceptance of this. ‘Death and Unknowing vs. Life and Knowing in a Live Cage Deathmatch!’ every day. Our path through this kaleidoscope of Love and Horror is ours to make. Luckily we have those who have gone before to point the way.

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